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Smart Work Decor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Smart Work Decor classified as Ceiling services & Supplies, Construction Material, Wallpaper Decoration & Supplies...

WELCOME TO Smart Work Decor

1. Get upstairs for offices, cafes, hotels, apartments, mobile homes, phone numbers, 012 661 680 / 093. 661 680

2, sell ceiling plating, carpentry, plastering, wood chips, rubber tiles, carpets

3, Roller blinds , Vertical blinds , Wood blinds and Carpet 

4, Laminate floor for ceiling , Aluminium cell ceiling , Wallpaper , Vinyl flooring,

Our Door Decor

KOSDOOR Door Do not worry about the size of the condominium, not 100% water. WPC-ABS Door Made for Coastal City 100% Water proof, Green door, ISO 9001: 2008 For interior use such as Villa, Apartment, Hotel, Recreation, Office and Residential All are unique: There is ceiling stone, carved ceiling, plawood ceiling, plawood ceiling and plawood wall.

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